Infant Head Circumference Changes Might Not Predict Later Problems

Head circumference, although routinely measured in childhood, has little value as a screening tool for later neurocognitive disorders, according to researchers. | Full Article

Bullying in U.S. Schools Falls to Record Low, Report Finds

Bullying in U.S. schools fell to a record low in 2013, with 22% of students reporting being bullied, the U.S. Education Department reports. | Full Article

Teens and Parents Worry About Schoolwork After a Concussion

Teens and younger kids who sustain a concussion worry about their academic skills in the weeks afterward. | Full Article

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Pediatric Pain Control After Tonsillectomy: Opioids or NSAIDs?

Pediatric post-tonsillectomy care guidelines generally focus on maintaining hydration and managing and assessing analgesia. Selecting the most effective and safest pain medication is an important aspect of these practice guidelines.

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