Serogroup B Meningococcus Vaccine More Than 99% Effective

A study into the use of an investigational vaccine against Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B produced close to complete protection in adolescence, with more than 99% of participants generating protective titres against the four targeted test strain factors after 2 doses. 

serogroup b vaccineMore than 90% of the participants who received 2 to 3 doses of the vaccine (4CMenB) retained the titres after 6 months, compared with 73% to 76% of those who received only one dose 

Serogroup B has, until now, represented a challenge in vaccine development, as the methods associated with vaccination of serogroups A, C, W135 and Y are ineffective against the strain. 

"The capsular-polysaccharide strategy cannot be applied to the development of a serogroup B vaccine, because serogroup B polysaccharide immunologically resembles the surface of neural-cell adhesion molecules, resulting in poor immunogenicity and the potential for induction of autoimmune antibodies,” explained Miguel O’Ryan, MD, of the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. 

The study concluded that 2 doses of 4CMenB, the second administered 1 to 6 months after the first, would be the most effective vaccination schedule.

-Michael Potts

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